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I have. Presumably purchased in the seventies, it sat in our living room for years. Turns out it was designed way before that! The wood is heated with water vapour and then bent into the desired shape, which gives the pieces their particular charm. Some consider him the founder of modern furniture design. You probably will recognize another design of his, the one that made him famous. Thonet’s first bentwood rocking chair, upholstered, – image courtesy of Thonet. Bentwood Rocking Chair no.

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If every journey begins with a single step, the road to antique furniture knowledge can start with a foot—specifically, the antique foot style belonging to a chair, chest or table. Note : Many of these styles have been incorporated time and again on pieces made since their first use. Use them as a starting point and one possible indicator of age rather than making a conclusion based only on the foot style. This furniture foot style consists of a tapered cylinder that is separated from the leg by a turned ring.

It is usually plain, even if the attached leg is fluted as shown in this example. A shorter, more squat variation is sometimes referenced as a blunt-arrow foot. The ball foot is one of the earliest, most basic types of furniture foot styles. A furniture foot, sometimes referenced as claw-and-ball, fashioned to represent a bird’s claw gripping a ball. Examples featuring a metal claw gripping a glass ball are also common, especially in occasional tables and stools.

This foot type has been popular almost continuously, in variations, since it was introduced in the s. This is a simple, basic furniture foot style with a square or cube-like shape. Although in existence from roughly to , it was especially popular in midth century English and American furniture. One of the most basic furniture foot examples, this style named for its actual resemblance to a bracket.

Usually has a mitered corner embellishment.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Rare 19th century ‘Italian Renaissance Revival’ rocking chair extensively carved with mythical creatures, dolphins, dragons, fruit, foliage, the seat and back with shaped carved panels, an exceptional example of the Renaissance taste. Antique Quaker style rocking chair, with simple stick back design. Cedar rocking chair late 19th century with scrolled design and embroidered upholstery. Antique teak rocking chair with caned seat and back, 53 cm wide, cm high.

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Originally created as garden furniture in the 18th century, wicker rockers were known for their craftsmanship and creative designs. Among the first rocking chairs were Windsor rocking chairs, which were essentially just straight Windsor chairs with added rockers. Eventually, many types of rocking chairs were created. For example, a platform rocker was a variation that was mounted on a spring base, so instead of rocking directly on the surface it sits on, it rocks on an additional platform.

Generally, rocking chairs were made of either wicker or wood, and in all sizes for the whole family.

Eames Rocking Chair: A Buyer’s Guide to a mid century modern classic

The noted design historian explores the origins of the rocking chair, a quintessentially American piece of furniture that is still going strong after years. Applied Filters 94 results. Period : 19th Century. Back To Seating Rocking Chairs

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Michael Thonet, an Austrian cabinetmaker who lived from to , was obsessed with innovative design. In ,Thonet experimented with ways to steam and bend beechwood from the local forests into curved and sturdy, graceful chairs. By , he had opened his own shop, Gebruder Thonet, and by was producing bentwood rocking chairs with woven cane seats and backs.

Thonet’s innovations included the first, affordable, factory-produced, assembly-line chairs that could be shipped in pieces and easily assembled. The Schaukel-Fauteuil No. The early rockers were stained dark — either black, hazelnut or mahogany, in contrast to the lighter woven cane seats and backs. The rockers curve around the side of the seat, round over the front and sweep into an open, slightly upturned end, finished with a small scroll.

Identifying Antique Furniture

One of the best ways to determine if your rocking chair is an antique, a reproduction or a replica. Is to not just looking at its design, but to also by look at the materials it is made from, and the techniques used in its construction. This approach can be used to determine the age of many types of furniture. The type of wood used can narrow down the time period and origin of a particular item of furniture.

Many forms of timber have been used to make furniture over the years, with certain types coming into, and falling out of popularity at notable periods in history. Regionally produced pieces were also heavily influenced by what was locally available at the time of production, with some timbers becoming a popular trade commodity.

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19th Century Rocking Chairs

Attached was a note reading, ” probably New England. I do not know if the seat is original. Please share any knowledge you may have on such a rocking chair. Thank you. DEAR C. They are kind of a cliche that brings to mind a world that no longer exists.

Most rocking chairs made before the turn of the nineteenth century were simply conversions of conventional straight-back armless chairs—usually Windsor.

The first Boston rockers, which were as likely to have come from Connecticut as from Boston, were made of oak with solid pine seats. Like the one shown here, the early, handcrafted versions were painted and grained black and often embellished with stenciled fruit and flower decorations. The primary antecedent of the rocker was, of course, the cradle.

Illuminated manuscripts from as far back as A. The exact time and place is unknown; the conceit has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but never with any real proof. It is commonly accepted, however, that the rocking chair was an American invention, perhaps the most quintessentially American furniture form ever invented. Most rocking chairs made before the turn of the nineteenth century were simply conversions of conventional straight-back armless chairs—usually Windsor, banister back, or slat back with rockers added.

Small, armless, and low-seated, this chair usually was found in the bedroom, where it was convenient for nursing a baby. There was also the rocking Windsor settee, a benchcradle combination that permitted a mother to rock a baby and at the same time knit or do other chores. Adult versions of rocking chairs at first were associated with the aged and infirm. But soon—especially with the growing popularity of open porches—people of all ages were rocking away.

Antique Rocking Chairs

I haven’t gotten much done with my ol’ Ugly Chair But I have made just a tiny bit of progress. If you remember this post, THIS is w A French style armchair, non-distressed, in Sweet-Pea Green. This color is similar to my Victorian Moss color, but the amber hue of the moss color is toned down, giving it a more silvery-pale appearance.

It imitates turnings of the early s, combined with rockers of the early s (​sorry, rocking chairs are not colonial), a typical anachronistic gaff (and charm)of.

If you find one please email me, I would like to know how far they traveled. We found a folding deck chair in Fredericksburg Texas. That’s a long way from New Jersey! I must share some exciting information.! I never expected this to happen so quickly. The chair was completely refinished to this original state by Mathieu and his wife.

What a fantastic job! It looks beautiful. The wood is black walnut.

Identifying Antique Rocking Chairs

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Jun 20, – This small chair is a ladies sewing rocker, sometimes called a nursing rocker. #antique #rockingchair.

It started out as an organically-shaped one-piece stamped metal bucket seat that could not be mass-produced, as fiberglass shells had not yet been developed. The first generation rocking chair was commercially available from and produced by Zenith Plastics, California and distributed by Herman Miller, Michigan. These early Eames chairs had distinctive large shock mounts, a roped edge and a chequerboard label. They were available in just three colours; greige, elephant-hide grey and parchment.

Very few chairs were produced in the first configuration, making them extremely rare. After the rope edge was discontinued and the choice of colours expanded to include seafoam green, lemon yellow and red. The fibreglass Eames chair then became available in upholstered fabric or naugahyde vinyl , with a choice of several other bases. Unlike the Eames lounge chair, Herman Miller did not sell the rocking chair after , instead it was given as a gift to every employee who became a parent.

The Eames Rocker chair hardly changed over its lifespan. Today it is widely recognised to be a classic in the history of modern furniture design. The early models of the Eames Rocking chair, produced by Zenith Plastics, may not have any markings, but may still have the black and red chequerboard label. This all depends on what you are buying and your budget. An all-original first edition Eames rocking chair will invariably cost a lot.

Antiquer Rocker Reupholstery