Aloe Blacc: ‘The Man’ on ‘America’s Musical Journey’

Skip to Content. Although the lyrics might seem a bit boastful, they’re actually more about having confidence and seizing the moment. The song is definitively inspirational and positive, with Blacc proclaiming, “I’ve been through the worst, but I still give my best. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Parents need to know that “The Man,” by rising star Aloe Blacc, is a clean, catchy, and soulful anthem. The lyrics are vague but triumphant, with a few minor religious references such as, “God made my mold different from the rest” and “Be a king when kingdom comes. Join now.

Aloe Blacc is definitely ‘The Man’ on the TODAY plaza

Even hiding behind his icy silver aviators, it’s apparent that Aloe Blacc’s mind is somewhere else. Small talk ricochets off his lenses on a dark elevator ride up to the seventh floor of a downtown Los Angeles artist loft for a midday photo shoot. He’s on a tight schedule of interviews and appearances these days, nearly every hour accounted for from dawn to dusk.

Nevertheless, a recent marathon run of nearly two-dozen gigs at South By Southwest—including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live —to promote his best-selling album, Lift Your Spirit, has barely dented him.

To celebrate the release of his latest single “My Way”, Aloe Blacc the lens of Aloe as a family man and is also the singer-songwriter’s first.

Liz Ohanesian writes about art, pop culture, music and, sometimes, a combination of the three. Her work has appeared in L. She lives in Los Angeles. In the summer of , Aloe Blacc’s voice was inescapable. The L. The song was a party hit and a radio smash. It topped multiple Billboard charts in the U. And the earworm continued long after the season ended.

But, this wasn’t the start of his career by any stretch and the story of the song doesn’t end with its success on the year-end charts.

Sixty Seconds with Aloe Blacc

Music is music. The latter was a particularly apt project for Blacc. I had opportunities to do throwback soul music on Good Things.

“The Man” by Aloe Blacc sampled Elton John’s “Your Song”. Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and.

A Southern California native born to Panamanian parents, Blacc is also well-schooled in salsa music, and has closely studied everything from psychedelic rock and funk to reggae and dancehall. Carefully crafting lyrics to create impactful music has been essential to Blacc since high school, when he first broke into the indie hip-hop scene.

Back then Blacc and his partner DJ Exile formed a duo named Emanon and quickly became cult favorites in Los Angeles, largely due to their heavy inventiveness in working with jazz samples and breakbeat loops. Going solo in , Blacc soon signed to indie label Stones Throw and transformed from rapper to singer—albeit without shedding his hip-hop spirit or sense of social consciousness. Three years after the release of his solo debut Shine Through, Blacc began work on the record that would change his life and career: Good Things, an album certified gold in the UK, France, Germany, and Australia, among other countries.

Love On The Brain by Rihanna. Just Hold On by Steve Aoki. Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane. Needed Me by Rihanna.

Up all night: Aloe Blacc is putting the soul back in soul music

Who wants to be ‘The Man’? Pretty much any dude out there. Aloe Blacc, whose folky, lived-in and soulful voice powers Avicii ‘s ear-bending ‘Wake Me Up,’ has a second hit on his hands with ‘The Man. Unearth a few more layers of meaning and you’ll realize it’s far deeper than that. His narrator has been a good man, one who followed God but also one who has some hubris and ego. That’s probably why this track has been used in so many spots featuring pro athletes!

New single released on Valentine’s Day. BMG has announced a new global recordings partnership with platinum-selling artist, Aloe Blacc. The.

The singer and songwriter gets historical on the big screen and intimate with his upcoming single. I just want to have fun doing it. Spoonful of sugar gets the medicine down; I got you. So when they approached me with the idea of going across the country and experience the roots of American music — and use it all for inspiration to write a song — I figured it was a great opportunity. The literal journey: how did you guys figure out who to chat with and where you would go?

It was definitely collaboration between me and the filmmaking team.

On the Verge: Aloe Blacc has the ‘Spirit’ of a star

Simon Mills meets the anti-pop star. These moments are always rather uncomfortable for the journalist-celebrity speed date, both parties acknowledging the emotional void of the forced and fleeting relationship as the inevitable farewell beckons. Just as I am about to climb on my bicycle, Blacc displays an emotion that no other interviewee has ever even alluded to: empathy.

How do you make a living out of it?

“The Man” is a song by American vocalist [[Aloe Blacc] written by Julian Williams The song has become Blacc’s most successful single as a solo artist to date;.

The song has become Blacc’s most successful single as a solo artist to date; it sold 2. A lyric video to accompany the release of “The Man” was first released to YouTube on January 10, The song’s official music video followed on March 3, The song was also featured in the end credits of the film Brick Mansions , released in The film was dedicated to the late actor Paul Walker ‘s memory.

The song was used extensively at the NFL Draft , being played times over the course of the three-day event. The ad shows different highlights and celebrations of possible All-Stars for From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Aloe Blacc has revealed his ‘very emotional’ experience recording new music for late DJ, Avicii’s, new posthumous album. The American soul singer, who co-wrote Avicii’s hit Wake Me Up, is featured on the song SOS, which is the lead single from the late musician’s new posthumous album, Tim. Pictured in

Find Aloe Blacc biography and history on AllMusic – Encompassing early singer and songwriter who broke through with the single “I Need a Dollar.” was highlighted by the anthemic “The Man,” a retro-contemporary fusion of gospel.

His early musical career started in and consisted of emceeing in a group called Emanon ‘no name’ spelt backwards along with DJ Exile, their notably decent first mix-tape release came soon after in This tidy album showed the first signs of Blacc’s recording magic as it was well received by public and critics alike, who were to cite the defined flow of the material contained on the album. It’s a very organic process. I like to get in the studio and finish the song in four hours.

If it’s not done in four hours than something is wrong. Once the track is finished My quality control in terms of production is terrible, that’s why it’s really good to have a producer who will fix everything. I’m the ideas man, I’m the guy who says this is a great idea, and I get my joy in creating the idea – then I’m onto the next idea quickly.

This track hit the top ten in a multitude of countries, achieving gold status in the UK, France, Germany and Australia.

Aloe Blacc – ‘The Man’

The man behind it, a slight, thoughtful figure in a fedora hat, sits in a London record company office. While most modern pop musicians are afraid to discuss politics and social issues, he embraces them in a sharply informed manner. Unfortunately our news, especially in the United States, has become entertainment, no longer doing its job of informing and mobilising change. Lofty ambitions, indeed, but Aloe Blacc is not a typical musician.

He was starting to make waves but put music on hold to accept a scholarship to the University of Southern California studying psycho-linguistics and communication. This, he says, made him better at business, as well as more precise and direct in his songwriting.

While his discography features a strong urban flavour – see his hit single The Man, a stirring celebration African-American culture – Blacc has.

We covered the news of the event and it was his involvement which prompted us to speak with Aloe about his schooling, songwriting and social awareness. We caught up with him back home in Los Angeles, working on his next solo album…. Thinking back to your earliest experiences of making music, what came first for you — writing lyrics, melodies, or playing an instrument? I was young, probably nine years old, and I would write raps in this little notepad I had. I was listening to pop music at the time, so early LL Cool J and groups around that time, just trying to copy what they were doing because it sounded cool.

Then I found the words even more interesting. In third grade, I joined the school orchestra and learned the trumpet and continued that until freshman year at high school. I think any kid, that has access to a lot of different influences, is capable of engaging. I think I just wanted to get out of class! It was something new, something interesting and challenging.


As is often the case, the televised airplay bred sales. Did you watch the NFL playoffs this past weekend? But I got text messages every five minutes, basically. I was working with a producer named DJ Khalil on some music, because I had been working on my album all through , and different producers at the record label were suggesting here and there.

U.S. musician Aloe Blacc poses upon arrival at the Foundation for AIDS soul artist, famous for his hit singles ‘I Need a Dollar’ and ‘The Man’.

We Cooked up this beat and this mix in only 10 days. Everyone by now should be familiar with the talented soul singer, the man called Aloe Blacc. As for me, I was also trying to expand my horizons as a producer. I was luckily enough to have Aloe open to the idea in working with me. We recorded 14 songs but had really 11 strong songs. I had no idea that Aloe can sing and was really good.

When I heard this song, I knew Aloe was destined to do bigger things. Fast forward to …. I reached out to Aloe to remind him about our project. I am very lucky that Aloe gave me his blessing to release this project that you are about to listen now. And the saying goes…the rest is history. To my man wiz1der for helping me with the mixdowns.

And to my brother Aloe…. A big special shout out to my fellow Visionaries brother 2Mex!

Aloe Blacc – The Man (Live Piano Version) (VEVO LIFT)